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Our happy clients

Rinz Paulo J

Rinz Paulo J

We were lucky enough to have a tour guide like Tawan. He was so patient taking a perfect, instagramable shot for us. Lunch was great. Would definitely give him a 5 star and recommend to my friends as well. Keep smiling it's contagious.



Very very very GOOD service!!! He is a very good man, give all very good service to our family, we are very happy, thank you very much Mr Dewa. Mr Dewa.

Benny Schimm

Benny Schimm

A knowledgeable host can make a big difference and this trip did not disappoint! He knew all the local areas and we had a great time discussing other places to see. Even better was the recommendations to keep us on our desired schedule. He also took great photos and sent them to us so that we can keep the memories—highly recommend!