Where to stay for a business trip in Kuta?

Welcome back, travelers! After two months of improvement, Bali Adventours finally back to bring you the latest travel advice to our reader.

Today, I want to share travel tips, where to stay during your business trip to Bali. How often are you traveling to Bali for business purpose? Bali as an international business hub becomes a place that visitors traveling for business purposes. Many friends from overseas are asking about the best hotels to stay when doing business trips to Bali, especially in Kuta. There are hundreds of hotels with magnificent views as well as facilities with international standards. But, hotels with facilities like your office?

I honestly recommended Alaya Resorts Kuta. Located in the heart of Kuta’s tourist center, Alaya Resort Kuta is not just a hotel as a place to stay mere. More than that, Alaya for me is a virtual office because it provides facilities like your office.  Alaya dedicates a room for a meeting room plus office for the traveler who travels business to Bali. And, it is free to use!

The facilities available in the office room include several computers with widescreens, scanners and printers, libraries and meeting rooms. With a modern interior equipped with super-fast internet access provides the experience of working in a hotel like in your own office.

Spacious meeting rooms and facilities you can use to invite your colleagues. For the price, you should ask directly to the hotel staff. Based on my experience, computers, scanners, and printers can be used without any additional cost.

Across from the meeting room, there is a fairly wide restaurant with various menu variants to be an ideal place to entertain your business colleagues. The interior of the restaurant is quite interesting because it is done by the architect maestro of the late Made Wijaya, an Australian descent who chose to become a citizen of Indonesia.

The room? Many! Ranging from deluxe rooms to family rooms. The following room types are available in Alaya:

Deluxe Rooms, 45 sqm, Double / Twin
22 Alaya Rooms, 45 sqm, Double / Twin
6 Alaya Rooms Acess Pool, 45 sqm, Double / Twin
6 Junior Suites, 60 sqm, Double
2 Alaya Suites, 100 sqm, Double
6 Family Suites (Interconnecting Junior Suite and Deluxe Twin)
More information about his room can be found here.


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