There is no doubt that Jatiluwih is among the most beautiful places and can offer some of the best scenery on the entire island of Bali. The place has a particular charm even if the weather, which can change dramatically within minutes, is rainy and cloudy. Everywhere you look you see green rice fields and rice terraces, combined with high mountains and forests. On clear days you may see large parts of southern Bali.

Jatiluwih can offer some of the best scenery on Bali, even on a rainy day like this.Jatiluwih is located in the Tabanan district, about 20 km north of Tabanan city. The village sits on an altitude of 850 meters, the air is relatively cold and fresh. The last part of the road can best be described as rough, narrow and full of holes. Pass the small village and pay the fee to enter the area, then continue to Cafe’ Jatiluwih about one km further along the road, don’t forget to stop and take photos on the way. At the Cafe’ you can have lunch while you enjoy the lovely view. The best chances to have clear weather is early in the morning.

Farmers are still using traditional methods.Almost everyone up here are involved in agriculture, mainly growing of rice. Many of the old traditions are still maintained, even today you can see a farmer plowing his fields with water buffaloes.

A trip to Jatiluwih can be combined with a visit to Gunung Batukau and the Pura Luhur Batukau temple at the foot of this mountain, you can also make a stop at the hot springs at Yeh Panes along the road to Batukau.