Bali Tour Guide, How Much Does It Cost?`

I have got hundred questions, “How much is the licensed Bali tour guide cost per day?” It sounds standard question from the visitor. For travelers, to visit a new place , a guide is not just a person who tell you the story behind every places you visit. A good guide is also your friend […]

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Update: The Bali Driver Goes Mobile & Bali Tour Packages Program

Hi Folks, We are getting very busy over the year. After awarded as the 50 Best Small Medium Online Business, we are getting more business. We recruit more and more drivers and guides. As the part of our commitments, providing personal, flexible service affordable price, our team always work hard to give you the best […]

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How to Pay Your Online Invoice?

Start from this month, we announce that The Bali Driver will use online invoicing system. Our payment system is integrated with PayPal, the best and the biggest online payment system in the world. Since, we are facing many cancellation without penalty, this new system will help us to protect this issue. a 10% to 25% down […]

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The Value of Local Knowledge

If you’re visiting a tourist hotspot for the first time and you feel as though every single driver who approaches you to offer you a ride around town simply wants to drive you to the most expensive places possible to make a load of money (because they’re clearly in cahoots with local business owners), then […]

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